Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Size Dilemma!!

Hey Guys,

So im having a Dilemma, Do i have a small wedding which i would be very happy with ... or do we have the wedding our family wants us to have? Big and expensive? :S

I dont want to pay that sort of money for one day.... just so everyone else can have a drink on us.

I was hoping for a nice ceremony, a meal after and a few drinks. that along would cost enough, but to go for a massive wedding with everyone who we have ever known coming? Seems to much to me.

Im going to get onto my fiance and get him on my side then it should be plain sailing right?. I hope so.

I was hoping to go for a budget of around £1000 - £1500. For everything, but now with the added pressure from the in-laws we are looking at around £6000 - £6500, They want us to hire out a small castle!. That is easy to say when they arent the ones paying for it!!


Thanks for reading.
Zoie x

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